I began making jewelry in 1995. As I developed my style,
I chose to work specifically with natural gemstones, fossils, and sterling silver. There has always been something very alluring about natural gems and fossils to me. Knowing that they come from the earth and the gorgeous colors, patterns, and textures are created naturally fascinates me to this day. I chose sterling silver because it is the most reflective of the precious metals. My work is focused on the stones that I use but I love to incorporate sterling silver to create contrast and little pops of light and sparkle.

To me, jewelry is a captivating medium. Because it is functional art it affects people in many ways at once. You see the jewelry piece itself, how it accentuates the beauty of the person wearing it, as well as the way it compliments what the person is wearing with it. I love that I get to make a statement when making the piece and its owner gets to carry that statement further by how they choose to wear it.

If you walk away knowing only one thing about who I am as an artist, know that each piece I create comes straight from my heart. I have a deep passion for jewelry making and the materials I use. My collection is a reflection of who I am. I design each piece to reflect my bold, natural, and archaeological style. It is my desire that every piece of my jewelry bring as much joy to the person wearing it as it brought me as I created it.




(from top left: (1) the beautiful lilac bushes in my backyard, (2) a collection of ammonites straight from Morocco, (3) a view of my bench with my Foredom Flex Shaft and various other tools, (4) a picture of me from 2009 when I first discovered the many uses of the Flex Shaft (grinding, shaping, polishing, texturing, drilling, etc.), (5) a foldformed copper and bronze cuff with a bezel set malachite just after I finished it, (6) me posing with my beloved torch, and (7) a variety of the tools I use to make my jewelry.


I love to write, paint, draw, and of course design and create my jewelry. I have developed my bold, archaeological style over the years. I love that through my jewelry I have been able to blend my love for natural gemstones, fossils, ancient history, literature, and fashion. Another essential facet of my voice as an artist is my Christian faith. I created a special line called Walls of Heaven Jewelry ® which features the stones listed in the book of Revelation (Rev 21:15-21) as being the foundational walls of the new Jerusalem. These stones include jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, carnelian, chrysolite (peridot), beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth (red zircon), amethyst, and pearls. I love this collection because it is a way to celebrate your faith without having to wear the traditional cross. To see pieces from the Walls of Heaven ® collection, click here.

For me, life is all about a balancing act. I need to find the balance between creating the jewelry I love and still having time to do the other things I love. But that’s really what life is all about, right?

There is more to me than my passion for jewelry design though! I am an absolute foodie. If I’m not in my studio, you’ll find me in my kitchen. I’ve gone through a major transformation in my life concerning eating well and living an active lifestyle so cooking delicious and healthful food is what I’m all about! I love to get ideas from Food Network, food blogs and various magazines and then tweak them to make them healthier and quite frankly even yummier!

I love to travel. My dream is to travel the world to see ancient ruins and to go on rockhounding expeditions to be able to actual find the rough gemstones that will be transformed into my jewelry. To be able to be a part of every step of the process from digging the stones, cutting and polishing them and then of course creating the jewelry pieces themselves is my ultimate dream and I am dedicated to turning that dream into a reality! I always want to be as close to the point of origin as possible. It’s important to me to be able to know exactly where my materials come from not only so that I can be sure of their authenticity but also because the stones are such a major source of my inspiration. I want to feel connected to the where the stones came from and even pull aspects of the culture of the people who live their into my designs.

I am also an avid writer and reader. I have written for various jewelry magazines (BeadStyle and Bead&Button) and love to write about design and gems. I am also a wannabe historical fiction writer. I am fascinated by ancient history and the stories of the people who shaped the world in ancient times. I am also interested in American history and the people and ideas that formed the freedoms and liberties I get to enjoy today. When it comes to books and movies, I tend to be drawn to epics and love stories. My favorite author is Jane Austen but if I had to choose my favorite book I would have to say the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. J.R.R. Tolkien created such a rich environment for his epic tale to take place in. I love that you get swept up in the stories and his words paint pictures in the reader’s mind. I also love to read non-fiction books about you guessed it - Christian living, history, cooking and world cultures.

For me, life is all about a balancing act. I need to find the balance between creating the jewelry I love and still having time to do the other things I love. But that’s really what life is all about, right? I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to dedicate my life to my heart’s passion. I get to go to work every day and play with my favorite toys! As I continue to learn and push myself as an artist I know that I will only fall more in love with this amazing artform.


© Alaina Burnett Design, 2012 -2015



© Alaina Burnett Design, 2012-2015